English Golden Retrievers

​​​​​​​​What is an English Cream Golden Retriever?
There is actually no such breed as an English Cream Golden Retriever.  The term English Cream is a slang term that was made by Americans and attached to those Golden Retrievers that happen to be cream colored in England, Australia and even Canada.  In actuality, Golden Retrievers in England and all of Europe range in color from cream to gold.  Many Americans have become captivated with the cream color, but it is more than just their color that makes the European Golden Retrievers beautiful.  This is an excellent link to read up on the subject. 


Is the English Golden healthier than the American Golden?
In 1999 the Golden Retriever Club of America conducted a study of Golden Retrievers.  The statistics stated that over 60% of the surveyed dogs died of cancer. In 2004 the Kennel Club in England performed a study on Golden Retrievers releasing that less than 40% died of cancer.  Looking at the different percentages it could be assumed that the English Golden Retriever is not at such a high risk for cancer than the American.  These studies were not meant to be compared and both surveys were not large enough to make the results conclusive.  Since there are so many English type Goldens in the US and vise versa both studies fail to narrow down the ancestry.  So in essence, there was no way in the Golden Retriever Club of American to single out if the English Golden was included in the survey.  Both findings however do show there is a serious health issue with Goldens regardless of the standard. All goldens get cancer, and all dogs for that matter. Don't buy the marketing plan that somehow certain goldens get less cancer. It's not accurate at all. People twisting words and trying to convince potential puppy buyers that their puppies are somehow better. Please don't buy from someone with less than stellar ethics.

What is the cost of your puppies?
Our AKC Registered puppies range in price from $2500 to $3000.00 depending on pairing.  This price is for AKC Limited Registration.  Non Refundable deposits can be made by cash or check but the remaining balance will be due in cash by the scheduled day of pickup.*Limited Registration is also often referred to as "pet only" registration.  Limited AKC is the option most people take if their puppy will be a family pet, and will not be used to breed.  As an incentive for our puppies to enter "pet only" homes, we offer Limited Registration at a lower price with every AKC litter.

Do you offer breeding rights?
Yes at breeders discretion.  Cost is an additional $500.00 for Full AKC Registration. Full AKC Registration should be chosen if a puppy's new family plans to show in AKC breed/conformation shows, or to breed their Golden in the future.

 How can I reserve a puppy?
Puppy reservations are made on a first come basis in order deposits are received.  A non refundable deposit of $250.00 will reserve a puppy.  Breeder reserves the right to first pick male and female.

Will you ship your puppies?
We prefer not to ship our puppies.  This can be a traumatic experience for a puppy that is placed in a dark confined area near a roaring engine.  The puppy can be jostled around, experience motion sickness, vomiting and diarrhea.  Excessive delays and flight delays can prolong the flight time and lead to anxiety and dehydration.  We believe there are too many risks involved no matter what airline is used. Depending on where you live we will personally deliver your puppy via commercial air (in cabin) in most cases for less than cargo shipping.

Do you allow visitors?
Yes and we encourage you to visit our home.  We allow visitors beginning when puppies are 5 weeks old by appointment only.  This allows you to be able to spend time choosing your new puppy.  It is important for us to get to know you as a potential family for one of our fur babies. While we love animals, we ask that you do not bring  a pet with you when visiting.  We are only looking out for the safety and well being of our puppies at such a young age.

What will your puppy come with?
AKC  Limited Registration
Veterinarian examination

All age appropriate vaccinations given by our vet
All age appropriate dewormings given by our vet

Scented blanket from the litter/Mother

Starter premium food

90 day supply of NuVet Plus Vitamins
1 to 2 year warranty

Lifetime Breeder support